• Material: Metal | Item Size: 50 mm | Item Weight: 0.048 kg

Silver Medals

The silver medals for the winner are wonderful presents for both young people and elderly people to display their accomplishments. It’s not just any old ornament, though. A printed medal can inspire future objectives by serving as a constant reminder of one’s accomplishments. Your prior accomplishments will never leave you if you keep them in an award cabinet! A silver medal with a logo is typically awarded to the runners-up in sporting competitions. Competition might be plated with metal in other similar locations.

This metal medal. At the center of this circular medal, you can additionally print your logo. It is unique by digitally etching a name on the printed medal’s rectangular plate. Purchase this multipurpose gift with a logo today and personalize it however you wish. This product will look better overall thanks to digital printing.

The prominent features of the silver medal are:

  • These medals for the winner produce from top-notch metal.
  • One medal is 50mm in size.
  • The ideal advertising item and appropriate as a corporate present.
  • This metal trophy with a brand is ideal for all competitions and marketing activities.
  • Total Customizability however you wish.
  • With this silver medal, we provide a digital printing option for customization.
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