Inclined Round Crystals

  • Material: Crystal | Item Size: 86 x 80 mm | Item Weight: 0.526 kg

Inclined Round Crystals

The little tilted round crystal is a traditional and fashionable trophy. Hand-cut from immaculate crystal, the tilt is. Using laser technology, this straightforward object may be transformed into a personalized promotional present. We employ the printing method of laser engraving to customize gift products. This tiny crystal can be customized with your company’s logo or any text and used as a decorative item.

This unique item measures 86 x 80 mm. Even though it is smaller, round crystal glass nevertheless exudes elegance. It is a self-sustaining honorarium. The item can’t topple over thanks to the angled front. These exquisite works of laser art are extremely reasonably priced. There are 23 pieces in each bundle. If you place a large order, we’ll take every precaution to keep your packages safe. We are the top producers of bespoke crystals and provide high-caliber goods to keep a favorable reputation with customers.

The prominent features of these inclined round crystals are:

  • This gem has a rounded form. It clearly inclines vertically.
  • No base is required to support it.
  • The crystal measures 86 x 80 mm in dimension.
  • The product can be modified to fit the needs of the buyer.
  • Custom product engraving with a laser.
  • A promotional present.
  • Superior customer care.
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Inclined Round Crystals
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