Promotional Fidget Spinner

  • Material: Metal | Size: 70 mm | Item Weight: 0.056 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
200 11.2 kg 47 x 25 x 21 cm

Spinner Printing Options

  • Full-Color Digital with Epoxy | UV Printing | Screen Printing

Fidget Spinner

You may print a promotional fidget spinner. Pure metal and plastic are used in the creation of branded spinners. readily available in white. This should improve focus and attention when performing academic work. They will also contribute to a pleasant sensory experience. Kids who struggle with focus and kinesthetic learners will benefit from it.

A promotional fidget spinner also eases stress for people of all ages. Any pattern that you choose can be printed on it. Epoxy is obtainable with full-color digital printing. It seems very alluring. It is distinctive due to its printing feature.

Additionally, it is portable and lightweight. A branded spinner is a great way to keep kids’ hands busy in class instead of tapping a pencil. By using it, youngsters will be able to have fun. You can give it to someone close to you as a present to brighten their day. It can also be given as a professional gift. You can also personalize the surface of the product with your corporate logo thanks to its full-color digital printing feature. Giving it away will help you advertise your company. Additionally, it is inexpensive and accessible.

  • Customized fidget spinner
  • Manufactured from metal and plastic
  • Available with full digital color printing
  • Business gift

Printing Option

  • Full-Color Digital with Epoxy | UV Printing | Screen Printing
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Promotional Fidget Spinner
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